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Attractive Sites by Church of Christ Congregations

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Please send in your recommendations. We'll try to limit the number of recommended sites below ten and store past recommendations on another page in the future.

Arnold Church of Christ
Our key literature supporter:  Arnold Church of Christ

Central Avenue Church of Christ

A quotation from the page reflects what an online visitor can feel throughout the pages: "With a heritage that spans over 100 years, you're sure to find a warm and caring atmosphere among the Christians meeting at Central Avenue."

Seven Oaks Church of Christ

What I like most in this site is that they have RealAudio sermons beside other excellent materials "Rooted Firmly in the Savior's Love."

Williamsburg Church of Christ

Here's a quotation that may tell you more why we advise you strongly to visit this link: "Many members of the Williamsburg Church of Christ have committed themselves to teaching the world about Christ through World Bible School. They endeavor to study the Bible with whomever desires to learn about becoming a Christian or leading a life as instructed by the Bible with Christ's example.

If you would like to study the Bible with a person who loves you because you are God's creation either face to face or by correspondence, contact us by e-mail, phone or by writing to:

Williamsburg Church of Christ
227 Merrimac Trail
Williamsburg, VA 23185
ATTN: World Bible School"

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